Our People, Our Community

Anne Segall
Director of HR,
Development & Training

Del Redvers
Head of Sustainability
BMT strives to be a learning organisation, one which promotes the development of our staff but also takes lessons from our experiences to adapt in a changing world.

To recruit and retain the very best people, we are constantly trying to enhance our employees’ experience of working for BMT. This year a significant focus for the business has been to support and develop our next generation, the technical and business leaders of the future.

We know that young professional staff in our business today particularly value flexibility, clear career progression and working for a socially responsible company which reflects their values. In 2013, we:

  • Rolled out the next stage of our flexible benefits programme worldwide, giving our staff more choice and freedom to tailor their employment package to better suit their lifestyle needs better.
  • Ran a second round of the BMT group development centre aimed at supporting less experienced colleagues in their career development and helping to secure the succession of future leaders in the business.
  • Continued to encourage volunteering for social causes, with active programmes running across a number of BMT companies.
  • Piloted our new tool for environmental monitoring which will roll out fully across the business in the coming months.

Many of the ideas around supporting the development of the next generation in our business came together in the first BMT Young Professionals Summit held for staff in the Asia Pacific region. It was conceived, designed and led by some of our young professionals focusing on the issues of importance to them. Over two days their conversations ranged from challenges in business ethics to career planning.

Of course it is not just about our young staff. This year has seen the delivery of a very strong global program of training and development events to support the business strategy and in particular, to strengthen our commitment to professional leadership and project management.

Each generation doubtless feels called upon to reform the world.   Albert Camus
22  |  BMT Group Annual Review 2014