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The region faced a number of headwinds, most notably the impact on the defence market of the US Government’s difficulties in agreeing a budget. However, our diverse customer base helped the group to achieve solid results in the region, where we are well positioned for the future.
Regional Companies
BMT Designers & Planners
BMT Fleet Technology
BMT Fluid Mechanics
BMT Scientific Marine Services (USA and Brazil)
BMT Syntek Technologies
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Overall performance in the region was good, despite a background of slow economic growth and government austerity programmes. Our priority is to ensure a stable platform in every business so that, subject to the vagaries of the markets, we can consistently perform to expectations.
Regional Companies
BMT ARGOSS (Netherlands and the UK)
BMT Cordah
BMT Defence Services
BMT Fluid Mechanics (UK and UAE)
BMT Group
BMT Hi-Q Sigma
BMT Isis
BMT Nigel Gee
BMT Reliability Consultants
BMT Surveys (Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK)
Verweij & Hoebee
Asia Pacific and Australasia
The Asia Pacific region performed well as the region continued to create opportunities for our products and services. A focus on targeted senior management training, greater inter-company collaboration and improving Information Communication Technology is further supporting this growth.
Regional Companies
BMT Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore)
BMT Consultants India
BMT Design & Technology
BMT Fluid Mechanics (Hong Kong and Malaysia)
BMT JFA Consultants
BMT Oceanica
BMT Surveys
4  |  BMT Group Annual Review 2014